Storing And Caring For A Riding Mower In The Humid Weather

Riding mowers make mowing a large lawn a lot easier. Being able to get on your lawnmower and ride it around to cut your grass makes the labor a lot less intensive. It will also be more possible for teenagers and those who are older to cut the grass than when using a standard push mower. Riding mowers cost more than the standard lawnmower and they require a bit more gas. The good part about the mowers is that they cover more ground than the usual mower, cutting your maintenance time in half. If you need to know how to care for your riding lawnmower, especially in humid weather, here are a few tips on storing and caring for the mower.

Keep it parked in shade

Keeping a riding mower parked in shade can be important. The metal and the leather from the seats can easily heat up, making them prone to cracking. The metal of the exterior heating up can also make it hard to use when you need to jump inside of the mower on lawn day. Keep the lawnmower inside of a shed in your yard. If you do not currently have a shed, consider purchasing one or building a pavilion with a roof and parking the mower underneath it. 

Change the oil and fuel

Just like a car, a riding lawnmower needs to have oil in order to operate. And just like your car, you will need to get the oil changed. Change out the oil in your riding mower based on the maintenance schedule for the specific engine. Along with the old oil, you will need to dispose of older gas that has been left inside of the vehicle and replace it with new gas. If your mower has been left sitting for some time, drain the gas and replace it with new gas to ensure that the engine remains healthy. 

Wipe down your mower and don't mow wet grass

In humid weather, it is easy for the riding mower to get damp. Before pulling the mower out or putting it up, give the mower a good wipe down to clear off any moisture. This will keep away the formation of any rust. Likewise, do not mow the lawn after a rain or while it is damp. This will keep the riding mower from getting clogged and allow your leaves to be sturdy when cutting so that they are trimmed to the right size.