Think You Need Flat Land To Farm? Think Again

If you've always dreamed of growing your own crops, either for personal consumption or sale, you may be excited to finally have your own plot of land on which to start. However, those who live in areas where flat land is hard to come by may wonder whether they'll be able to grow anything but grapes and other climbing vines that can adapt to any type of terrain. Fortunately, the variety of innovations in farm machinery has made planting and harvesting on an uneven or hilly surface easier than ever before. [Read More]

How To Pick Out Farm Muck Boots

If you have recently started working on a farm, then you probably already know that boots are absolutely essential to your job. However, if you have made the mistake of wearing a regular pair of lace up work boots, then you have likely started to experience some boot leaks. Since the farm land is probably covered with some cow manure and other fecal matter, this can cause an issue. Much of this material may be covered with bacteria like salmonella and E. [Read More]