Explore Features For Your New Tractor

A tractor can be used for grading, plowing, planting, and harvesting processes. This type of machinery is often relied upon when hauling materials across level and uneven terrain. Research horsepower ratings, transmission types, and operator functions prior to viewing some tractors that are for sale. 

Horsepower Ratings

The horsepower (hp) rating that has been assigned to a piece of machinery will reflect upon how powerful the machinery is. A tractor that has a high hp rating will be able to handle tasks with ease. A high rating is essential for transporting heavy loads or driving across rough terrain. A tractor that contains a lower hp rating can still be used for a diversified group of tasks, however, a tractor that has a low rating may require more effort on an operator's part.

A compact tractor may take longer to haul equipment or clear a section of land. If your tractor will be used daily and the number of jobs that it will be used for may fluctuate, you will be best off viewing tractors that have a high hp rating. This type of tractor may use more fuel, but could ultimately save you time and money, due to the power of the machinery.

Transmissions And Operator Functions

A tractor will possess a manual or automatic transmission. Many newer tractors that are for sale feature automatic transmissions. If you do decide to shop for a preowned tractor, you may review some models that contain a manual transmission. A manual transmission will require you to familiarize yourself with using a clutch if you haven't used a manual transmission before.

An automatic transmission will operate solely with the use of a steering wheel, a gas or diesel pedal, and a braking system. When shopping for a tractor, consider the type of operator seating area that you would prefer. Many modern tractors rely upon the use of hydraulics to lift and lower the attachments that are secured to a tractor. An operator control panel may feature several buttons that are each responsible for a different operation.

If you would like to keep your eyes on what is in front of you, you should choose an operator seating area that contains buttons that are aligned on the dashboard. If this is not your main concern, you can shop for a tractor that contains a console control panel or one that is installed along the interior side of the cab area.

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