Storing And Caring For A Riding Mower In The Humid Weather

Riding mowers make mowing a large lawn a lot easier. Being able to get on your lawnmower and ride it around to cut your grass makes the labor a lot less intensive. It will also be more possible for teenagers and those who are older to cut the grass than when using a standard push mower. Riding mowers cost more than the standard lawnmower and they require a bit more gas. [Read More]

Raised Bed Tips

Putting in raised garden beds doesn't just make your landscape more attractive, it also makes the garden itself healthier and easier to tend. This is because raised beds can be filled with better soil than what is naturally in your yard. The following tips can help you avoid problems with your raised beds. Tip #1: Choose rot resistant edging wood When it comes to building the frame of the raised bed, rot is the main concern. [Read More]

2 Signs That You Need To Have Your Well Pump Repaired

If you get the water for your home from a well, rather than from the city, there are going to be several great benefits. You are going to get as much fresh water as you need, and you aren't going to have to pay the city for it. However, because having a well of your own is going to require a certain amount of maintenance, it is important that you make this a priority. [Read More]

Think You Need Flat Land To Farm? Think Again

If you've always dreamed of growing your own crops, either for personal consumption or sale, you may be excited to finally have your own plot of land on which to start. However, those who live in areas where flat land is hard to come by may wonder whether they'll be able to grow anything but grapes and other climbing vines that can adapt to any type of terrain. Fortunately, the variety of innovations in farm machinery has made planting and harvesting on an uneven or hilly surface easier than ever before. [Read More]