The Summer Tractor Service Needed To Get Ready For Harvest Work This Fall

Soon, you will be ready to harvest crops during the late summer and fall months, depending on what you have planted this year. Therefore, you want your equipment to be in shape to get work done and prepare for the next season. The servicing for your tractor during the summer should include things like an inspection, repairs, and changing the fluids. The following tractor services will ensure your equipment is ready for the harvest and to work the fields for next year:

Flush Tanks And Fuel Systems

The first maintenance that you want to do to your tractor is flush the fuel system. If you are going to be parking it soon, let the fuel in the tank get low, and add an automotive diesel injector cleaner. Drive the tractor to allow the treatment to run through the system, and then fill the tank with fresh, clean fuel. If you are parking your tractor, you may want to add a fuel treatment to the tank for long storage to prevent the breakdown of the diesel fuel while you aren't using it.

Check the Battery and Electrical Systems

The battery and electrical systems of your tractor are vulnerable to problems when equipment has been sitting. Therefore, you want to check the battery to see if it is holding a charge before using your tractor. You also want to check all the electrical terminals and any modern gadgets you may have in the cab, like a GPS system. If you are parking your tractor, disconnect the battery terminals, and occasionally charge it while the tractor is sitting. You may also want to occasionally start your tractor if it is going to be sitting in a barn for a while.

Replace Worn Belts and Parts

Your tractor uses belts to operate components like the radiator fan and other mechanical systems. It is important to check all the belts to ensure they are not dry or cracks, and replace them if needed. In addition, tractor attachments may also use belt or chain systems. These moving components of attachments need to be greased, and any worn belts need to be replaced. You also want to sharpen any cutting blades on attachments to ensure your equipment is ready. 

Change Tractor Fluids and Check Hydraulic Systems

Just like cars, tractors have fluids like oil and coolants that need to be changed during scheduled maintenance. Make sure to change all the fluids in your tractor, as well as inspect the hydraulic systems. You want to make sure the hydraulic pump is working properly and check all the lines for leaks. Also, check the hydraulic fluid, and change it if it is dirty due to particles from damaged parts that have been repaired.

The servicing of tractors is something that often gets overlooked until there is a problem when they are needed. Contact a tractor service for help with this maintenance to ensure your farm equipment is ready.