Buying Squeeze Chutes for Cattle

Deep pressure therapy can aid with keeping cattle calm while you are administering medication, using a branding iron, or vaccinating your livestock. A squeeze chute is a piece of equipment that will stabilize each animal that you are treating. Read on to learn more about squeeze chutes. 

Design and Setup

A chute is designed to confine an animal's head, legs, and body. Metal panels comprise the front, back, and sides of a chute. Levers are used to adjust the width of a chute and its front and back openings. Shop for a chute that contains an automatic and manual headgate feature. This feature will allow you to preset the dimensions of the head opening or adjust the opening as needed.

Being able to see natural light filter into the chute will prevent an animal from feeling trapped. A chute is designed to cradle an animal's body while they are confined. An animal will not be able to turn around or exit a chute while they are actively standing in an enclosure. Metal components that swing or slide open will fully lock once they have been engaged. A squeeze chute can be used to confine mature cows, bulls, oxen, and calves.

Some squeeze chutes contain removable metal panels, floating floors, and non-slick floor coatings. Removable panels will allow an owner/handler to access specific parts of an animal. Floating floors will support the containment of short and tall animals. Non-slick floor coatings will prevent an animal from falling.

Usage and Considerations

A squeeze chute can be placed along separation pens that each contain a narrow exitway. A chute should be flush with the pen gate that cattle will be walking through. After cattle are separated by breed or size, they can be guided to enter the chute. One animal should be confined in the chute at any given time. After an animal has entered a chute, their head will naturally extend from the headgate.

The metal pieces that are aligned along each side of the neck will prevent an animal's shoulders from passing through the headgate. Each metal plate and door opening should be inspected, to make sure that the pieces aren't squeezing an animal too much. During an active treatment session, efforts should be made to guarantee an animal's comfort.

Closing metal side pieces will block excessive sunlight. A portable watering system can be used to keep an animal hydrated. Upon each successful treatment, an animal can exit the headgate and another animal can enter a chute's tailgate.

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